England have qualified for the next stage of the World Cup and will be heading to Russia next summer.

Being top of the group and wining their last match against Lithuania with a penalty scored by no other than Harry Kane.
Will England go on to win the World Cup next year? What is it that England don’t have?
To be completely honest we aren’t good enough, simple as that.  We are nowhere near as good as Spain, Germany or Brazil.
The media don’t help as they big up players and make them look like they are better than what they are. We have average players, our best is Harry Kane other than that we can’t really say we have a Ronaldo, Hazard or Silva. We don’t have players that can do something magical.
What im trying to say here is that when Belgium play they have game changers, you want the ball to go to Hazard or De Bruyne, and you know something will happen, you will feel confident and you would think we can get something out of this.
How far will England go next summer who knows? all depends on who we get in the group stage…